Hello everyone, So today we were told to choose a country and write about it, so that is what I am doing it is called



okay so the population 2023 is 47,516,629  now I think that is a lot of people in canada here there are only 38.25 million well lets try to stay  focused on spain



the religion is catholic

Catholicism is a Christian religion, a reformation of the Jewish faith that follows the teachings of its founder Jesus Christ. Like other Christian religions as well as Judaism and Islam, it is also an Abrahamic religion, and Catholics consider Abraham as the ancient patriarch.
Neighboring countrys
It is Portugal, France & Andorra
Here are some facts about each
  • Portugal is one of the oldest nations in Europe. …
  • The oldest operating bookstore in the world is located in Lisbon. …
  • Portugal is one of the most peaceful countries. …
  • There are over 250 million Portuguese speakers around the globe.


  • French is a Romance language. …
  • There are around 220 million French speakers worldwide. …
  • French has a great number of homophones. …
  • About 45% of modern English words are of French origin. …
  • Along with English, French remains an influential language in the diplomatic world.


  • Andorra is small. …
  • Andorra is the world’s only co-principality. …
  • Andorra has never been in a war in almost 1,000 years. …
  • Andorra la Vella is the highest capital city in Europe. …
  • Andorra has the 8th highest life expectancy in the world.

Okay now let’s try to stay on spain

Geographic features

There are 51 rivers

There are 51 mountains

There are 51 lakes

There are 3 oceans



In spain during the winter it snows but it does not get that cold

In spain during the Summer it feels tropical




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