GOAL GOAL GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

My smart goals were to be better at French and Hebrew, to be able to do algebra, getting better at writing and punctuation in English class & paying better attention. The way I achieved those Goals Were  – I tried really hard and I was able to get better grades but I’m definitely not great at most of them like algebra that’s something that is still really really hard for me I’m getting better in hebrew french is still pretty hard for me Also I have payed attention a little bit more and my writing is pretty good  The thing I’m proud of for my goal is Working hard on my goals and just because I did not complete some of them the point is I tried really hard and I got better at a lot of my goals I just did not complete them.

Public speaking self reflection

Hi everyone today I waas told to do a self reflection on my public speaking and sort of someone else’s

So my speach was about horses and what I liked most about it was probably the part where I talked about  the breeds I memorized most of that even the parts where they said words that I barley knew like Eohippus, Messohippus, Merychippus and Pliohippus

What I could have done to improve was probably EVERYTHING! I finished a bit late so I did not have a lot of time to practice but I had enough time and I avoided it sometimes I mean I still did do it but I could have been WAY more prepared also I memorized a lot of speach but I was so nervous that I barley looked up I was pretty much reading off the cards also my speach was saying basic things and it was kind of boring but that is all that I can think of for now but there is SO many more things

I liked Brutus’s Public speaking because it was very good and it made a lot of sense and it was very cool because it was about the boat  named queen mary

I think this person needed to improve their Public speaking because it was very long but I liked the speach it was interesting it was about the titanic but it was VERY long like 8 minutes!

Here is the picture of me doing my post

                Public speaking


Imagine feeling free, feeling such joy and happiness with  a breeze flowing through your hair… I can tell you that this is the best feeling in the world.  hello Mr. Watters and grade 5 today i’m going to talk to you about Horses! my three main things I will talk about are how to care for horses, the breeds and colours of horses and how horses are therapeutic 


I know that knowing horse breeds can be pretty important for buying a horse because some horses are more strong, smart or fast here are some of my favorite breeds Thoroughbred, Dutch warmblood, hanoverian and Arabians actually people are doing some really mean things to arabians its called overbreeding that means that people are pretty much squishing the horses face and it makes it really hard for them to breathe okay so that is it for the arabians!!! now let me tell you some facts about the breeds thoroughbreds are known for speed and for getting over jumps so they could be good at show jumping, races and steeplechases but also a lot of thoroughbreds get bred at breeding and racing farms and then they would get sold if they think they are useless did you know that The oldest horse breed is the Caspian horse and the first horse was a Eohippus. They even had toes! The order from the oldest breed to the newest is Eohippus, Messohippus, Merychippus, Pliohippus and then the modern horse.


Did you know that horses are therapeutic!? they can help you get through trauma and injuries did you know that you can ride a horse even if you can’t use you legs you would use a western saddle which is way more comfortable and they put a seatbelt on it also even if your so injured you can’t even get close to getting on the horse you could just stay in the stall and use a body brush and groom then just staying with them could make those people calmer because for some people they could have had a big accident then hanging with horses will help get rid of all that trauma like for some people they get on a horse and all their worries go away and they just think about keeping the horse under control horses really help with people with anxiety and other things like that like for me whenever I come back from horseback riding I feel so much calmer than I was before riding.


I am absolutely certain that horse care is the most important part of Horseback riding, Owning a horse and even just being around horses you can do different things to care for horses there are some basic things like feeding them, grooming them and giving them water now the harder things that doing is kind of not that fun like mucking  out stalls which for those of you who don’t know what that means it means that you scoop out the poop from their stalls if you do not muck out the stalls it is a small part of neglecting the horse another thing you have to do is change the bedding then you have to pick out their hooves because they get dirt in their hooves and it’s uncomfortable and it can get an infection in the hooves if you don’t pick them out you also have to turn them out into the paddock to stretch their legs and also take them for a ride or a walk or even just lunge them lunging means putting them on a long rope and and make them walk, trot, canter and sometimes even a gallop their are a few more things but those are the basics.


In general there are so many different breeds of horses and they all need different care like some need to be fed less and some need to be fed more some need more exercise as well like thoroughbreds they need to be exercised all the time because they are in races so much.  As I said before horses are therapeutic, they help with past trauma and make people way calmer so if you want to spend time with horses gallop on down to your local stable and spend some quality time with horses it will be the best thing you’ve done all week!


Hi! today we have to make a midrash about when jacob and laban made an agreement so jacob was chasing laban and then they decided they will make an agreement and they were witnessed by a pile of rocks I think the reason they made an agreement was because they wanted to stop fighting because first laban pretty much made jacob work for 20 years and then laban stole all his sheep anyway I think the reason they did that was because they wanted to stop fighting

A Big Pile of Rocks = A Big God. Start you a pile. | by Dusty Brackett |  New Creation | Medium

So that pile of rocks was the witness

Lag Baomer


So we have these sentences in hebrew and I’m going to say what I think about it and why so here it is

ואהבת לרעף כמוף

That means treat others the way you want to be treated

I really like this one because it makes a lot of sense like if someone screamed at another person and then expected them to ignore it and that was it they are very wrong but if you are nice to someone then they will hopefully be nice to you

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Generations Day

For generations day my grandmother came

and we did these activities that were given to us like how well do you know isreal

and it asked us a whole lot of questions mostly about Lake Kinneret but other ones too and I did not know most of the questions so we searched them up.

And before all that we had an Isreali rememberance day assembaly





Projet Vidéo Écran Vert

Après plusieurs semaines de travail sur notre maquette qui montrait plusieurs aspects de la vie quotidienne d’un groupe autochtone les Cris, et après avoir fait l’enregistrement de nos lignes que chaque groupe devait apprendre par cœur, notre vidéo était prête à visionner. 

Voici mes commentaires de ce que j’ai aimé. 

J’aime aimé mon canot parce que c’est moi qui l’a fait. Aussi, j’aimerais faire quelques suggestions pour améliorer ce projet si j’avais à le refaire. J’ameliorais la façon de parler parce que je n’étais  pas claire

Ci-dessous, vous trouverez le lien de notre projet de groupe sur les Cris.