Stop motion

Hello today I am going to talk about about what we were doing in English we were doing stop motion. Stop motion  is this thing where you take a bunch of pictures and it turns out to be sort of like a video thing you can do it with clay or lego here are to videos on how to do it



and here in mine that I made with a couple of kids in my class

so we were reading this book called The wild robot so the task that we were suposed to was create a stop motion  so we had to make a  backround and characters it  was really fun  it took like a month or maybe more.

here is  pictures from my stop motion booklet

here is my design

set design

my self assesment

the things that went well were well pretty much everything exept getting roz out of the crate and we waited for a long time to ask for help so next time we will ask for help sooner.




Indigenous Project

Hi everyone I am going to talk about the project the project I did with my friends  so we first got to choose a book we chose cree community here is a picture of the project we made:

The people I did it with was with my friend Lyla and my friend Samantha

our presentation worked really really well

the things that went well were like almost every thing

the things that I would want to do better next time is talk louder


Sound Unit

Hi everyone I am going to talk about the second science unit we did! the second science unit we did was sound. These are five the  properties  of sound.

1.Sound travels.

2. Sound can be reflected[it can bounce off things].

3.Sound can be absorbed [it does not bounce off some things].

4.Sound can be modified [e.g. pitch and loudness].

5. Sound is caused by vibrations .

I am going to tell you some questions my teacher asked me and I answered.

  1. Why can you hear  someone  who is in a another room?                                                                                 because sound travels. the way it travels  is because the sound reflects.
  2. Why do we hear echoes ?                                                                                                                                         we hear echoes because of a reflect wave.
  3.  In a recording studio the walls a covered in bumpy foam. why would they do this?                               because when walls are like  that the sound reflects better.
  4.    Name multiple objects we have that allow us to increase the volume of a sound .                                microphones and megaphones.

5.  Why  can we hear sounds better in air then we can  underwater?                                                                       because there is not enough air.

Did you know that dogs can hear way more sounds the humans can?

Pitch refers to how high or low a sound is. a flute makes a high pitch sound, where as a tuba makes a low pitch sound

Here is my ear

so the way I made this was I first cut out a lot of cardboard into a lot of different   shapes and sizes then I had to hot glue  the cardboard clay and stuff like that so the reason we did this was because we were learning about sound.
this is what sounds waves look like

Wave Theory: Using Sound Waves As A Metaphor For Present Circumstances - ProSoundWeb

Light unit

hi everyone I am going to tell you about the unit in science we were doing. We were investigating light like how light travels. We did 3  experiments the first one was so we had to get 4 index cards, a straw , clay and a flash light. So we poked holes in 3 of the index cards and the forth one we drew a bullseye then we had to put the flash light through the holes and make it hit the bullseye now I will show you a picture of me and my friend doing it

the next experiment we did was it was something that had to do with a pencil and a clear cup of water when we put the pencil in it looked like it broke  Pencil Water Glass Refraction Stock Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstimethe last thing we did was sort of like a window so the first thing we put on it was called opaque it is something that  you can not see through    the second thing we put was called  transparent  that is something you can see through and the last thing we put was called  translucent  that is something that you can sort of see through here is mine  another thing we did was something was  called natural light VS artificial light  How Long Is a Bolt of Lightning? - Eos

Rechargeable Maglite® LED Flashlight H-7423 - Uline

I really liked this unit.  it was really fun. I don’t know what I want to improve on. everything was going well  and I am exited about what we are going to do in future.



My Recount

It was a cold and snowy morning when I awoke at 2:00 am February 28 to go to Florida. Me, my mom and my brothers got in the car and we were about 20 minutes away from the airport. The flight was at 4:00am. We all boarded the plane and off we went for three hours. I liked the plane ride. My little brother was very confused; he does not remember going on a plane to Florida. I said where we were going and he was not so confused anymore.

On and on the plane went, soon after we were in Florida. We all got out of the plane into the airport. we got into a car that was not so far away from the airport. drove another 3 hours and then we went into one of my grandparents houses. and settled in then me and my brothers ran down the street to my grandparents house and we went into their pool. The pool was big . A bit later we ran back to the house we were staying in and we went into the pool there the pool was a tiny bit bigger and then we had dinner and we ate hot dogs. Then we went to sleep. The room I slept in was white and I went to sleep slowly.



I love cats and kittens. They are so cute. my best friend has a kitten her name is snowy. she is the cutest little thing. I wish I had a kitten but I don’t. I don’t have any pets that’s why I’m sad. Here are some photos.



There are about 30 different types of cats this is what they are called 

1.deaf white cat

  1. Van cat



5.devon rex

6.cornish Rex

7.domestic short-haired cat



10.odd-eyed cat

11.birman cat

12.american shorthair 

13.maine coon

14.tabby cat



About Me

I am 8 years old,

My favourite colour is pink ,

My favourite subject is English,

My favourite food is ice cream ,

My favourite hobby is reading and drawing,

I have two brothers and a lot of friends,

I love going to my cottage.